Corporate Responsibility

At Luca Mining, we embrace good environmental, social and governance practices, giving confidence to customers and stakeholders that our metals have been produced responsibly.

Sustainable Investing and Responsible Practices

Although mining is not the first industry that comes into mind when looking for ESG investments, Luca Mining Corporation (“Luca” or the " Company ", TSX Venture Exchange-LUCA) actively works to change that notion. We believe that ESG awareness and compliance is now an imperative to maximize the benefits of mining and metal production.  

We are progressively incorporating ESG policies into our projects and it is a priority at board and executive leadership level. Luca Mining has made ESG part of its core business, as the foundations of our projects have been developed with continued engagement of third-party stakeholders, especially local communities.  

At Luca our aim has been to develop a holistic set of good practices for responsible mining:  

1. Ethical Business: As a listed company on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange we have high standards of transparency and corporate governance to support sustainable development.  

2. Respect for Human Rights and the interests, cultures, customs and values of employees and communities affected by our activities:
Luca Mining Corporation is committed to conducting its exploration and development programs in a socially progressive manner. Particular emphasis is placed on establishing positive relationships with community leaders and State authorities in both Durango and Guerrero. We respect the cultures, customs and values in all our dealings with the local communities and with our employees. Community consultations are held to ensure citizens are informed of the Company’s activities.

Health and Safety: Luca Mining Corporation’s objective is to maintain a safe and healthy workplace free of injury and illness. We are committed to the health, safety and well-being of our workforce and will work to achieve an incident-free workplace. To achieve our health and safety objectives we:

a. Provide training and information to enable all our people to work safely and competently.

b. Promote health and safety in all aspects of our work, family and local.

c. Promote safe and healthy behavior as a core value in the organization’s culture.

d. Promote and enhance employee commitment and accountability to this policy.

e. Develop and implement effective management systems to identify, minimize and manage health and safety risks in the workplace.

f. Provide the resources to achieve a safe and healthy work environment for all of our people.

g. Comply with applicable regulations, laws and international guidelines.

4. Environmental performance: We pursue continual improvement in environmental performance. Besides regulation compliance (plan for mine closure, tailings management, water management, etc.), we have implemented a water reutilization system in Campo Morado mine, which will be also included in the Tahuehueto project.  

We are actively working towards the implementation of green energy. Currently, Luca is analyzing different proposals to install solar power in our Campo Morado mine to reduce reliance on the National Energy Grid. At our Tahuehueto mine, which does not have access to the national electricity grid, we are planning to install natural gas generators within one to two years after start-up to replace the initial diesel powered generators in order to significantly reduce the projects carbon emissions. Future plans at Tahuehueto will analyze the feasibility of supplementing the mines power needs with the installation of solar panels to generate electricity during daylight to further reduce reliance on petroleum fired generator power.

5. Social Performance: Luca Mining Corporation supports a range of initiatives to improve conditions for local communities.  

a. The Company helped local authorities establish and equip the first school and medical clinic in the Tahuehueto area.  

b. It also contributed to improving infrastructure, such as electricity, water supply and filtration systems, and sanitation improvements. Additional improvements, such as securing a larger generator to supply electricity to more nearby homes, are contemplated in the months and years ahead.  

c. Local hiring and procurement policies have been adopted to ensure that benefits flow to the communities and regions surrounding both projects. Campo Morado employs directly approximately 200 local employees and indirectly provides work by hiring local and regional suppliers (contractors, logistics, security, etc). Tahuehueto has the potential to become an important economic contributor to its nearby communities and to Durango State.  

d. We understand and maintain continuous, permanent direct communication with the community.

e. Ongoing communication with Governments working together to support and encourage development within the community.

At Luca, we embrace good environmental, social and governance practices, giving confidence to customers and stakeholders that our metals have been produced responsibly.

Clinic Built in Tahuehueto
School Built in Tahuehueto
High management in meetings with local community
Christmas at Campo Morado with local community
Christmas at Tahuehueto School

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