The Case for Altaley

Altaley  Mining  Corporation  (TSX.V:  ATLY)  is  a  Canadian  based  publicly  traded  mining company operating in Mexico that engages in exploration, development and operation of polymetallic mineral resource projects in Mexico.

Altaley Mining is  currently  in  commercial  production  at  its  100%  owned  Campo  Morado  Mine,  processing approximately 2,000+ tons per day (“tpd”) through the mines milling facilities producing zinc and lead concentrates  with  gold,  silver  and  copper  as  by-products.  In  addition,  Altaley  owns  100%  of  the Tahuehueto Project, which has initiated pre-production mining and mill commissioning operations at its own on-site mineral processing plant with a designed capacity of 1,000 tpd.

Altaley provides its investors uncorrelated exposure to the mining sector by a 1) defensive asset class (linked to precious  metals  returns),  and  2)  a  cyclical  return  asset  class  (base  metals;  Zinc,  Lead  & Copper).  
The opportunity to invest in a Company with high potential in a low-risk stage: Altaley has a portfolio  of  two advanced  projects,  one  of  which  is  already  providing  stable  cash  flows  to  the Company.

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